Hello! I'm Marilyn DeMartini. Welcome to my web -- a little insight to my world!

As a "writer" and "marketer," I approach my business and yours, with an enthusiasm for communicating -- I love to tell the story -- and the story behind it. Whatever your needs for collateral, sales, website or press materials--you name it, I'll write it -- and if you want, I'll help you to market it!

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My career in sales, marketing and public relations, led me to further pursue a long-time enthusiasm for writing. After all, all marketing starts and ends with the written word. From the business plan to broadcast script, we formulate and present our thoughts to communicate, to persuade, to sell. As a merchant of ideas, I enjoy every facet of the marketing puzzle and can use my creativity and expertise to help your idea or business become more successful and productive. I pride myself on putting together the pieces--sometimes people, often concepts, always words.

I also translated my passion for sports, fitness and the outdoors into my professional writing, and have included some of my favorite work here. As you can see by these images, I totally immerse myself in every topic, project and activity, so I completely understand every nuance, making sure I get the right message out to the right people, in the right tone, in the right place.

I hope you enjoy your scan through both my PR and editorial work and find my style fits you, your publication, service or products. The wide range shows I can communicate any message, and I will look forward to exploring how I can assist you with yours!

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